OZ Philharmonic
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Civic association "Philharmonic"

184Dear friends of Slovak State Philharmonic Košice,

Thank you very much for your favor, that you are giving us by your regular attending to our concerts, rapturous applause, reactions and feedbacks. We appreciate your letters, emails and insights. One more time: Thank you very much!
Special thanks to all anonymous donors, who provided 2% of their tax to the account of Civic association Philharmonic. They contributed to realization of lot of projects (Concerts for Youth, Music in Hospital etc.).

Dear friends and supporters of Slovak State Philharmonic Košice, we believe that the Slovak State Philharmonic concerts, aimed at the widest audience of different ages and social classes, but also our major effort to reach all generations of audiences, as well as efforts to promote classical performing arts in Slovakia and abroad, will be sufficient argument for you and your decision to provide 2% of taxes the following year will be positive. Thank you in advance for your patronage and support.

Support what you like - quality music

IČO: 35 549 530, DIČ: 20 217 030 90
IBAN: SK 87 1100 0000 0026 2672 0041
Legal status: občianske združenie
Business name: FILHARMÓNIA
Adress: 040 01 Košice, Moyzesova 66

Bank connection: Tatrabanka a.s., account no.: 2626720041/1100, variable symbol: 2013





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